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Newcross Petroleum

We are committed to corporate responsibility. Our organization acknowledges the cultural diversity and heritage amongst the people both within our business and operating environment.
Our health, safety & environmental management system (HSEMS) demonstrates NPL’s commitment to ensure consistent and effective management of health, safety and environmental matters.
Our management team and advisers have extensive local and international experience in energy management, legal affairs and Nigerian business terrain.

About Newcross Petroleum

Newcross Petroleum Limited (NPL), is an emerging indigenous company with investment and operating interests in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. The Company is governed by a board of directors with proven integrity and driven by a dynamic management team with broad knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry.

The Company has a deep understanding of its operating environment and is focused on profitability and high return on investment, whilst remaining socially and environmentally responsible. Newcross’ goal is to provide sustainable solutions to the energy challenges of Nigeria and use its operational success in the country as a springboard into the international arena, starting with the Sub-Saharan African markets.

Business Principles


We maintain an enabling, ethical and non-abrasive working environment for our employees and service providing companies, with good understanding of the organization’s code of conduct.


We ensure that our activities are conducted with high industry and regulatory standards for maintenance of health, safety and protection of all our concerns in our areas of operation.


All contractual activities and business relationships are guarded by a strict integrity model, to which every employee adheres.

Community Relations

With a strong understanding of the Delta province and the African continent, we value creating a positive impact in all our host communities, as this ultimately enhances operational efficiency and fulfillment to our stakeholders.


Value Statement

  • We strive to maintain a corporate culture that represents the core values of our company while acknowledging our similarities and embracing our differences.
  • We maintain a culture where opinions and beliefs of everyone within our organization are appreciated, irrespective of color, race, sex, ethnicity or physical state.
  • Engaged in our tradition of maintaining a consistent and positive contribution to the economic and social growth of our host communities (community empowerment policy).

Operating Philosophy

We maintain an efficient and cost-effective operation in partnership with all stakeholders, while maintaining safety and environmental sensitivity.

We expect our employees and stakeholders to always maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our areas of engagement with external parties.

Business Philosophy

Pursue and develop positive investments and leverage successes into new opportunities in the fast-growing marketplace.


  • To actively strive to be within the top quintile of indigenous oil and gas exploration and production companies in Nigeria, with full awareness of our operating environment, focusing on profitability while maintaining environmental and social responsibility.
  • To use our operational success as a launching pad to the West African and Gulf of Guinea Market.
  • To maintain a mixed balance of Newcross-operated exploration and production assets and targeted producing asset investments to increase Newcross aggregate share of the West African market.