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Our Responsibility

NewcrossEP endeavours to create a culture where people know it is possible to work at any location without incidents or pollutions to the environment.

Operational Integrity

NewcrossEP will show visible leadership in the field of our responsibility and ensure work is executed in a responsible and sustainable manner. We will integrate our responsibility into all aspects of the organization to eliminate hazards, practices and behaviours that can cause injuries and incidents, and respond effectively to emergencies resulting from its operations.


The Health and Safety of our employees, stakeholders, vendors and those who may be affected by our operations is an integral part of our business. We recognize that people are the most important asset in our organization and it is our responsibility to ensure their safety and protection of health.

NewcrossEP will continue to ensure the conduct of risk assessment, inspections. Incident reporting; and also undertake appropriate reviews and evaluation if its operations to measure progress and foster compliance with this policy and other safety related programs. Findings will be cascaded to void re-occurrence. We will design and maintain facilities establish management systems and conduct operations in a manner that safeguards people.

Safety & Environment

NewcrossEP will implement controls to eliminate pollution and environmental harm and also provide training and resources for all categories of staff to promote their competence and to maintain safe systems of work.

NewcrossEP will comply with the applicable regulations within its operations while appropriate industry standards will be applied to enhance best practices.

NewcrossEP will stress to all employees, vendors and others working on its behalf, their responsibility and accountability for safe performance on the job and require safe behavior, provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy and ensure it is properly communicated and understood.