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Incorporated as a technical and financial partner in Egbaoma marginal field with a 40% equity holding.
Began investments in the energy sphere with focus on gas utilization in line with global steer on carbon emission reduction.
• Participated in the 2014 SPDC JV divestment.
• Secured operatorship and a 45% equity in OML24.
Secured 90% participating interest in OPL 283 (now OML 152).
Secured 90% participating interest in OPL276.
Began active play in the Alternative Energy space.

Vision Statement

To actively strive to be within the top quintile of indigenous energy companies in Nigeria, with full awareness of our operating environment, focusing on profitability while maintaining environmental and social responsibility with strong stakeholder’s partnership.

  • To leverage on our domestic successes, building bridges as we expand into the West African and Gulf of Guinea market.
  • To maintain diversity in our asset profile through an elite mix of Newcross-operated exploration and production assets and other targeted investments to ensure increased productivity and a greater aggregate share of the West African market.

Mission Statement

To build a sustainable, progressive and efficient company founded on professionalism, respect for the environment and the host communities in our areas of operation while engaging the right people and technologies and adhering to the finest industry standards.

Core Values

At Newcross, fairness means treating everyone equally, just and appropriate under every circumstance, thus ensuring an unbiased evaluation of issues/concerns. That is, everyone is given equal opportunity void of favouritism.
Integrity at Newcross refers to a sound value system amongst all employees, which is consistent with every individual’s action, value and principles.
Respect for People
Respect for people at Newcross entails valuing diversity and unique contributions, listening to what others have to say before expressing your viewpoint, treating people with courtesy, politeness and kindness.
Respect for People
In our line of business and especially at Newcross, valuing the safety and health of workers is the first and most basic sign of respect for our people. At Newcross, a conducive and safe environment is statutory to ensure the good health and safety of our workers, while also entrenching the safety culture in the lifestyle of the workforce.
We realize that different human talents and capabilities exist at our workplace, therefore, to prevent a negation of the overall corporate interest and increase efficiency and productivity, Newcross entrenches coordinated team efforts.